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John's Slaw

John’s Famous Angel Hair Slaw –When a bottle of John’s Slaw & Salad Dressing arrives to the table to season a Dauphin’s dish, there’s a smile from those who’ve grown up savoring this Alabama staple. ...Read More

Bill-E's Small Batch Bacon

Old 27 Grill’s William Stitt has a passion for pork and the local songwriters that play at his Fairhope-favorite restaurant every weekend. Seasoned with his mix of brown sugar, molasses, “true kosher and a dash of pink curing salt”, Stitt considers the music serenade alongside his smoker the real secret ingredient....Read More

Fat Back Pig Project

Dauphin’s signature pork belly (a delicacy – don’t let the name fool you) features pork from the Fatback Pig Project. Founded by Jim ‘N Nicks Barbecue...Read More

Coastal Farmers Market

The Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermen’s Market in Foley sources our produce from USDA certified organic local farms. ...Read More