NOTICE: Dauphin’s will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 7.



Bama Gump
Fried green tomatoes, chilled Gulf Shrimp, red remoulade sauce

— 9 —

Delta Cakes
Crab and crawfish cakes with Iberville beurre blanc

— 15 —

Oysters Jubilee
Fried Fairhope’s Bill E’s bacon wrapped Gulf oysters, crostinis, Iberville beurre blanc, mushroom demi

— 12 —

Sweet Home Farms Cheese Plate
Chef’s selection of local artisan cheeses, hibiscus honey, sweet and spicy local pecans, fresh and dried fruit

— 14 —

Joe Cain Dip
Conecuh sausage, spinach, artichoke, crostini bread

— 11 —

5 Rivers Gator
Fried Mojo Alligator, Thai chili sauce, ranch dressing

— 12 —

Fort Conde Claws
¼ pound of fried or sautéed blue crab claws – upon availability

— 18 —

Haole Poke*
Chef Zucker’s Big Island award winning poke. Yellowfin tuna, jasmine rice, sesame, sweet and spicy local pecans, sambal, green onion, house pickled cucumber and ginger

— 15 —



Soup du Jour
Chef’s featured soup

— 6 —

Gulf Shrimp Chowder
Gulf shrimp, cream, corn, roasted red peppers

— 6 — 



Baby spinach, fresh strawberries, spiced pecans, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette

— 7 — 

Icy Wedge
Iceberg, bacon, tomato, egg, and blue cheese or ranch dressing
— 6 — 

Romaine, cucumber, tomato, red onion, mixed cheese, croutons, your choice of dressing

— 6 —

Romaine lettuce, herbed croutons, shaved parmesan cheese

— 6 —



Port Royal Chicken
Lemon lime mojo chicken breast, Spiced rum vinaigrette, saffron rice, green tomato, tomatillo, zucchini in pepper jelly cream
— 21 —

Steak Diane
Black Angus beef tenderloin tips, mushroom demi, garlic mashed potatoes, medley of roasted vegetables with lemon rosemary vinaigrette
— 29 —

Grand Bay Shrimp & Grits*
Grilled Gulf shrimp, Conecuh sausage and tomato cream sauce, stone-ground cheese grits, poached egg
— 24 —

Spicy Rasta Pasta
Jerk spiced creamy alfredo, roasted red pepper, penne pasta, parmesan
CHICKEN  — 21 —
SHRIMP  — 24 

Mauvilla Platter
Fried Gulf shrimp, oysters, flounder filet, hush puppies, sidewinder fries, coleslaw
— 28 —

Bon Secour Fish
Fresh fish, saffron rice, green tomatoes, tomatillos, zucchini in pepper jelly cream, Dauphin's signature Caribbean spiced rum sauce

— 32 —

Banana Dock's Chicken
Plantain crusted mojo chicken breast, saffron rice, medley of roasted vegetables with lemon rosemary vinaigrette, pepper jelly sauce
— 21 —

Dauphin's Dolphin
Grilled dolphin filet, creamy shrimp sauce, saffron rice, sautéed southern greens
— 32 —

 Filet Mignon
8oz Angus filet, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus topped with parmesan, tamarind butter, black and bleu sauce

— 43 —

Prime Ribeye
18 oz Prime Ribeye, mashed garlic potatoes, grilled asparagus topped with parmesan, tamarind  butter
— 52 

Baldwin Farmer's Plate
Fried cheese grit medallions, green tomatoes, tomatillos, zucchini in pepper jelly cream, medley of roasted vegetables with lemon rosemary vinaigrette
— 18 

Mushroom Demi
Gorgonzola Melt
Sautéed Mushrooms
Sautéed Onions
Black & Bleu Sauce

  GF   = Gluten Free

  V   = Vegan
Please inform your server of any food allergies or dietary restrictions – our kitchen is happy to accommodate when possible.
*The consumption of raw and undercooked foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.


— D O W N L O A D  M E N U —