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Bill-E's Small Batch Bacon

Old 27 Grill’s William Stitt has a passion for pork and the local songwriters that play at his Fairhope-favorite restaurant every weekend. Seasoned with his mix of brown sugar, molasses, “true kosher and a dash of pink curing salt”, Stitt considers the music serenade alongside his smoker the real secret ingredient. The bacon aficionado has tinkered with his smoking technique since his college days at Ol’ Miss – even researching the art of curing back to the 1500’s. Whether it’s the eight-day process with pork chosen from family farms in Illinois and Iowa or just the good vibes – this bacon has a cult following and can be purchased only at the Old 27 Market. You’ll find “praline bacon” featuring Bill-E’s best on the Dauphin’s brunch menu.